Problems and Challenges

The first challenge that the group was presented with was to agree on one idea together as a group.The team was not a team yet as each one of us was only thinking of ideas from our own discipline’s point of view.This practice of one view seemed like as if we had invisible blinders on and failed to see how and what the viewer/audience will experience.After much discussion we decided to make an online shared folder( Google Drive) to share any image or video that inspired an idea.

The shared folder not only made us aware of our common theme but also served as a way to store information(videos, images) but also an informal way to give feedback on ideas and to inspire an in-depth research on those themes.This gave all of us an added bonus to reach a conclusion along with reading our in depth research on the blog.

The second challenge was to find images and videos on the universe and the galaxy without violating copyrights.This seemed like the perfect opportunity to inspire a project from NASA’s archieves as it is an organisation that explores and educates people about the universe and its glory.

The third challenge the team faced was the animation of particles and incorporating that into the video.The animation it self is something of a marvel that embedded itself so effortlessly into the final video.However;it took 12 to 15 hours of work to finish it and then re-editing it with the video of the galaxy that also took 2 to 3 days to perfect it.

The fourth challenge that the team was the actual physical construction of the installation.This made us go back to the drawing board several times as we designed the floor plan and selected the location of or installation.The location itself was a challenge as it made us rethink our plan.From a crude projection of galaxy inspired the use of 3 walls coupled with a 4 layered fabric panel on each wall and dividing moving images with 3 projectors for all 3 walls.The simulation of the gallery conditions during  our initial experiments also made us aware of how much our installation requires controlled light.This made us fashion a ceiling with black fabric.The only challenge we had was to cover the entire space of installation without taking away the element of curiosity.


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