Creativity and Idea development

Idea development and creative process take time.It takes presentation of initial ,crude and vague ideas into something meaningful yet achievable.In the beginning stage of this project; group mates all had their own set of ideas related to their own practice which has very little to do with other creative disciplines.At first it was difficult to look beyond our own practice however; we decided to merge all our initial ideas into one and each team member had their own areas of expertise.Thus a perfectly balanced merger of multimedia: film, architecture,fashionand game design.

The merging of ideas was very simple for us as we all realised a single/common theme that all our ideas had.The big idea was that of a walk through the galaxy or a simulated galaxy and to represent that as a 3-dimentional representation of a 2-D image/video.

We decided to hold regular meetings almost everyday with regards to our idea and how we can go about it.During those meetings we experimented with projectors in a small room as well as a larger room while simulating the conditions of the gallery with a blast of light and controlled lighting.We also came up with the idea of using fabric as a material through which we would project our images to give it some texture.

The idea of using fabric as a textured surface was a good way to learn more about translucent yet textured surface.We experimented and used different fabric : Chiffon,Sequins fabric,Silks,Moonlight and Tull.We also experimented with white and black fabric.This helped us to finalise the materials(fabric and its colour) to project the cosmos and create a simulated journey through the universe.

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