Initial Research: quick crude/feedback by the group


  1.    The universe and all its glory:

A person is sitting in a lounge/living room and thinking about the universe.

We see a video of the universe,the galaxy and super nova explosions along with some geometric designs

*You can put an image of a person, a tiny silhouette of a man or a man and woman like this one over all the images and that it be present all the time to give a message of how tiny we are compared to the immensity of the Universe and also the amount of space wasted if there is only us out there with a self-conscious intelligent mind.

This image by the way was used as a message to the piooner probe sent to find intelligent live in space with a lot of information about us.


It could be also an image of a person’s silhouette walking (in white for example) with the meaning of the human been looking for an answer for its existence and its function in the whole that is the universe.

You could also include some textures as surface on where the images are projected like a bed sheet a bit folded or with creases so the projection be more interesting because of the shapes of the images distorted by the surface.

  1.    The living Art :

Projecting live feed of the audience/viewer on the wall or an object e.g face of a observer on a silhouette of an object.

*I think this Idea need more developing xD, which would be the meaning? which objects? have those objects meaning? how do you take and isolate the observers images? How would be the looking of the set?,…


  1.    Ceiling projection:

Using a video of our Milky way galaxy and all its glory along with animation of geometric patterns (juxtaposed) along with the sounds of space e.g Saturns’s rings projected on the ceiling.


*As in the first one I think it is too simple, you should put something that make it more interesting, like boxes painted in white or some kind of texture or something. As it is the Idea sounds very flat. Think also about the meaning of the scene and what do you want the observers should think and feel and add more information or elements to the installation in that sense.

Are the Milkyway an static image or it would be animated? would the stars sparkle? it would have any kind of animation like change of shapes, waves, colour,..?

The animated patterns would be slow and relaxing or fast, blinking and maybe stressful? How much this pattern would conceal the milky way background? Would be the pattern very little, big or a mix of both?

  1.    Star Trails:

Using a timelapse sequence of stars and their movement at night coupled with images of geometric designs across the screen along with live feed of audience members/guests.


*As in the other examples this idea need more information of how would be the final result, where are this images projected? which is the sense and meaning of the installation? how do you make the live feed of the audience? You should put also more elements to make the installation more interesting as I said in the other ideas.
*In General your Ideas are good but they need more developing and concision. Having  more elements (like textures in the surface, objects, deformation on the projection,…) would make them more interesting. Your Ideas are all a bit similar and revolve around the same topic the Universe, space, stars. Maybe you should have think in more different types of contexts if the idea that you would like to transmit is relaxation, auto-reflexion, contemplation,… Maybe the depth of the seas, a big, rays of light through the water, reflecting and changing/swifting school of fishes, enormous whales (and sounds of whales and dolphins) sound of bubbles and sounds that grow dim. Another background could be a timelapse of of the sky with the movement of the clouds and the change of light, or a forest with the animals and leaves falling,,… Something that is not always the stars


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