Home Burial:Film idea

Home Burial



Premise: A couple has just lost their daughter who died of a sickness and the husband is hurridly burying the body and the wife thinks her husband is cruel and doesn’t even stop to morn her death.

Controlling Idea: A couple is in a grieving phase as their daughter has just passed away, the wife thinks her husband is so cruel that he wants the dead body out of the way where as the husband is only trying to ease the pain for both of them. This behavior of her husband jeopardizes the marriage; as the time passes they both reconcile and that without taking care of each other they just cannot ease the pain.

She sits there silently looking out of the window. Watching her husband bury away her most precious treasure. Tears slide down her cheeks.She sits still looking at her husband hurriedly digging as if he wants it out of the way.

Earlier, Sarah the love of their life develops a rash with fever which is persistent. The meningitis takes the life of the little angle, the apple of the couple’s eye. She plays around the house thus giving warmth to the house in the cold, sultry weather. The place where the father is digging is her favorite spot for hide and seek with her friends.

He picks up the shovel and starts to dig. He digs slowly at first as if he were performing a ritual but then he digs deeper, faster and with more rage.He dares not to look up into the window.He finishes off filling the ground.He then throws the shovel on the ground with anger while walking out the back gate.

She gets up and runs to her bedroom.Still sobbing, she lies down faced down on the pillow.In the meanwhile her husband returns climbs a few flights of stairs and sits down exhaling heavily and looks out the same window.His eyes filled with tears and heart full of pain;still he looks out the window.He then walks up to the room and looks into the mirror on the side and says I’m sorry I buried the love of my life!..my child.

She gets up in rage pulls him towards herself and hits him.Screams at him in anger and annoyance and asks why? She sobs some more and slides down his leg bawling in pain.

After a while she asks why you are so cruel. Why were you in such a hurry to burry? Have you no grief?He just gets up and exits the room. He thinks to himself, what she knows how I feel. She was my child too! I’m keeping quit just to protect her. I can’t bear to look at her.She reminds me of my child.I can’t bear to stay at home everything reminds me of her.

She packs her bags and moves out of the house.She says that this house, everything in it reminds her of Sarrah.She thinks that he is cruel and never deserved to be a father and now the child is taken away! He says nothing and lets her go.

Nearly 4 months pass and no word from each other.Although he is in immersed pain and still living in that house but feels its important to be near the one he truly loves.In this time he’s gained some perspective and has realized that he’s already lost Sarrah and her death left a devastating mark on the couple’s life.He calls his wife at her mother’s place and arranges for a meeting.

The wound of their daughter heal with the passage of time but the infliction within their heart perhaps would always remain fresh, but… as the time passes they slowly and gradually try to get to know each other as in that time they have changed into different people and are now rediscovering love for each other working their problems out, sharing their grief with each other instead if ignoring.

A few years later she is pregnant with another baby girl. The couple remembers their first ultrasound of Sarrah who they lose to meningitis. They stand on her grave and tell her that she is soon to have a baby sister and things are going to be alright.


Plot List                                                                                                           Function List

Plot List Function list
1.     Eve looking out the window 1.This is where the first misunderstanding occurs and she thinks her husband just wants the “problem” out of the way.
2.     Adam digging the grave 2.This is where he is angry that he’s the father and was supposed to protect her child from any sort of harm. He is emotionally very intense about loosing her. He loved her and is burying her at her favorite spot and sad that he will never hear her voice or see her again.
3.     Adam walking out the back gate 3.After the burial, he leaves and goes for a walk out of he house just so that he doesn’t have to see his wife in tears and has no idea what to say to her to stop the pain.
4.     Eve runs to the bedroom 4.This is where the wife is looking at her husband hurrying to bury the child and after he’s done he just conveniently leave the house as if nothing had happened.
5.     Adam goes up a flight of stairs and look out the same window. 6.When Adam returns he climbs a flight of stairs and looks out the same window where his wife was looking out the window…the freshly filled grave.
6.     Goes to his bedroom where his wife is waiting 6.This is the scene where the wife cries in pain and asks her husband why is he so cruel and why is he in such a hurry to forget.
7.     After the fight   Eve asks him why is he so cruel 7.Eve asks him again the same question and he stands there silently not even looking….with a complete blank face.
8.     They both sit in opposite sides of the bed and don’t talk.


9.     Eve moves into her parent’s house.




10.  He realizes that he loves his wife and wants to reconcile.

8.Then that night they just don’t face each other because at this point they don’t have anything to say to each other.Tears down her eyes and sobs and Adam tries really hard not to turn and look at her.



9.When she moves out she is angry that he doesn’t care and Adam is in so much pain that he wants her out of the house as his daughter took after her and used to look like her mother.


10.He realizes that he’s already lost his daughter and does not want his wife to leave him too as he is now lonelier than ever and wants to admit that he wanted her out so he can ease his heart and that will only happen if she were with him so they can both support each other.


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